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  1. Hey there eaglescout526, I finally got a chance to snag that picture. There are other project cars around/in my garage, so I'm spread thin at times. Cooling system service schedule:
  2. Haha I hear you there. Well thank you, as am I. I plan to keep her going as she is, and just return the exterior to near showroom glory. Once I get another project car out of my garage within a few weeks, this MJ returns to enclosed storage when not in use.
  3. Thank you. It serves its purpose just fine for me. I dig it. Super cool, rare (to most people), weekend hauler. Not even considering a 4wd swap at this point.
  4. Just to clarify, I'm only applying bed liner to the interior of the bed, as it should be used on a truck in this condition and configuration.
  5. Sure thing. If it isn't today, I'll get to it soon. I've actually got a late model Dodge Dakota electric fan lying around that may fit that radiator nicely. Thanks for the idea.
  6. You are correct sir. There was a Colorado Red -original color- cheapo respray performed at one point in it's life (overspray on door seals, a poor tape line on one fender flare, straps as you mentioned...) I honestly didn't pick up on the nameplate placement. Now to stare at other's Jeeps for a second... Here is the one bay shot I have, actually pulled from the listing where I found the truck:
  7. Yes, its been very well cared for. I have two owner's worth of service records dating back to 2002 for the truck. Very true, likely going to do a roll-on body color bedliner before I even consider a top-half repaint. But, I am toying with the idea.
  8. Thanks! It currently has 176K and counting. At the moment I actually don't have any nice detail shots of the truck, other than what I've worked on and posted here. Should probably take some more... Here's a tail 3/4 shot...haha
  9. So, I acquired this MJ back in March. It is of the super base model 2.5, AX4, 2wd, shortbed variety. Since I've owned it, I've really just put time into the preservation and upkeep of this super clean, bone stock example. Right off the car hauler it showed up on, it had a charging system issue. I started out front in the engine bay and ended up finding the 7.5A Instrument cluster fuse to be the issue. Damn that thing. But, if it weren't for that fuse I wouldn't have noticed my leaking clutch master cylinder...so I guess that's a plus. After she was tagged and titled, I did a few small sprucy-uppy things like paint the mirror (singular), cowl filler panel, etc. Also played with several grille, headlight bezel combos as I have an '89 XJ Laredo in my backyard... Then I turned my 3-piece headliner backing-board into a cohesive one piece unit, as it was when it left the factory, and recovered the sagging headliner with some decent material from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I installed a couple missing interior and exterior trim pieces, and here we sit. What next? Hood, roof repaint? I think so.
  10. My own MJ sighting experience... In the 11 years I've lived around Charlotte NC, I've only seen two other Comanches in operable condition other than mine. One was a super rusted silver longbed around the Concord NC area about five years ago, and the second was a nice black "Eliminator" looking shortbed with a rollbar. When the black one was spotted, I had literally just finished telling a friend how rare these MJ's are as we are riding in mine and stumble upon the black "Eliminator." Apparently I need to cruise over towards Maiden NC where coheed is...
  11. Did that happen to be mid-March by chance? Was it a Colorado Red shortbed? And was there a clean green Volvo 240 wagon on that hauler as well? If so, I am the owner of the car hauler MJ. Just curious.
  12. Hi all, So I acquired this '87 MJ not too long ago. It came from Oregon, and has a pretty unique aftermarket steel bumper with the dealer: "Don Carlton Jeep, Gladstone Oregon" stamped into it. I've done mild research, but haven't found anything on the dealer except they had displays made by Automotive Promotional Products in the 1980s. Just curious if anyone on here may have any info about this old Jeep/Eagle dealer. Thanks in advance if you do! Pictures below for cool factor:
  13. In regards to my aftermarket steel bumper that is stamped with the dealer name and location, I finally scraped all the bumper stickers off...and... Don Carlton Jeep, Gladstone Oregon. Research time...
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