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  1. ah, alright.. leave it to chrysler to change the parts ever so slightly.
  2. Not sure if they changed them after 1990 but this company Manufactures sending units for the MJ's https://www.mtscompany.com/sendingunits.htm
  3. i don’t think anyones mentioned injectors if they did i missed it, but maybe one of the injectors is intermittently firing and causing problems.
  4. Thank you for bulb information it’s appreciated. Google doesn’t really give specifics on old jeep radios :).
  5. Hello, i’ve been digging through a 95 cherokee in the junkyard and it looks like it has a RX—173, i want it for my my 87 comanche but i was wondering what the light bulb numbers/ types are so i could replace them. I want to keep the interior some what factory as possible and figured cleaning up a factory radio would be the best option. Thanks - Tyler
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