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  1. Anyone know where I can get a egr valve I bought one off rock auto it was wrong. No napa, O Reilly's, auto zone, napa....... I can't find one. Please help
  2. Lol that would be great. Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it
  3. Yes I haven't pulled any of them yet waiting for the pump to come on
  4. I reconnected the battery and it hasn't come back on yet
  5. Ya no ac so which one is the pump? I plugged the battery back in and of course the pump didnt come on
  6. I disconnected the battery before I posted this. My truck only has 3 relays not 4 like the pictures I see which one is it
  7. Should I replace the relay or is it a different problem?
  8. Put in new tank and pump turn truck off and pump turns on and won't turn off
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