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  1. Update. Got the leaky gas tank fixed, tried to bleed the clutch some but the bleeder wasn’t gonna move so I just pumped the crap out of it for a while. Bled the front brakes. Now I gotta get two new wheel cylinders and adjust the drums, Change the fluid in the trans, change the motor oil, top up the coolant, fix the pass. door pin and @$$ some steel to the floor. If I have the steel I’ll have to get rid of the aftermarket sun roof, it leaks bad. Not I get to catch up on maintenance that’s been neglected. Side note, the pedals are so close together that if I'm In my work boots I hit multiple pedals. Are they always this close? Too it for a test drive and it needs way more work. I gotta do a tie rod end for sure. The steering column is super sloppy, like the tilt mech is sloppy. I get about 1 inch of play up and down. As far as wiring I gotta get all new fuses that are missing in the fuse block and start from there. I noticed it’s got no action from the blower motor, the back lights in the cluster don’t work, and with the hazards on if I hit the brake they stay lit. Vac lines are at bare minimum, map sensor and fuel pressure regulator. I gotta I through all the vac lines and fix a bunch of leaky ones. Without any big vac leaks it idles pretty smooth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Should be fixed now. Phone decided to use the last pic in gallery instead of the ones I was taking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I got me a 88 mj, 4.0, 5speed, 4wd long bed , rust bucket. Someone cared about it once a long time ago. Needs the gas tank swapped, clutch and brakes bled with fresh fluid, rear driveshaft rebuilt and a tie rod end. Then vacuum leaks, tires, fix the passenger door pin. May have wide tires already. Rust? Check Cloth bucket seats? Check. Cut door pin mount? Check. Floors? Who needs em. More than enough vacuum leaks. Also, PO cut Factory air box for his cold air intake, that’s drawing in hot air under the hood. Gj. Blower motor does not work. Radio is shoddy at best. Wrong shift knob but idc. Non-tach gauge cluster. More pics to come as I get stuff done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks to my phone it decided to post only the one picture. And it was from work. Great. hopefully fixed.
  4. I’m a little fuzzy on what parts cross but if it will work in my 88 how much for the gauge cluster? I’m missing the tach on mine, just the big @$$ gas gauge there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. it has a wood spacer in it so i doubt its a dealer add-on, but it looks some what well done. if it becomes a problem it will be replaced with steel and welded in. i have so much welding to do after i cut the rust out. the carpet is falling out of the passenger floorboard. better pics to come tomorrow.
  6. Seems someone wanted the cluster with a tach bad enough to swap mine out, god knows how many miles are on it. its also got a sunroof but i can't tell if it was factory. my only sunroof experience is on the ZJs. thanks for the build sheet.
  7. Got the VIN fixed, I'm blind.
  8. First post here, Too dark right now for postures but will get them in the daylight tomorrow. Current location: Alton, Illinois. 4.0, BA10(sadly) np231, 2.5”? Lift. Guessing because I don’t know for sure. Picket seats, cloth interior. Will get build date in the morning if it’s still there. Now for the really bad. Rust. Lots of it. Someone cut a door pin out on the passenger side, and the metal surrounding it. So that’s a project. Floors are gone. Leaky gas tank, leaky brake lines and somewhere there is air getting into the clutch system. Traded my clapped out 2000 xj for it. Wish me luck with all the work. Will make a build thread when I get there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk (fixed the vin, I'm just blind)
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