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  1. From what I've read a bad CPS can cause many problems, no heat soak needed.
  2. Update for anyone else having similar problems. Jeep is running great now, doesn't stall out and oil pressure is better/more stable. Once up to temp lowest it goes is 10 psi, but operates between 20-40 psi. Completed cruisers tips 1-8, and 11. Cleaning electrical and upgrading grounds deff. helped jeep run smoother. Installing new CPS jeep ran much better, but would die when up to temp. It would start right back up and drive, but die if you let off the gas. Installed new TPS, adjusted, and everything ran perfect, no more stalling out. But went to start and battery didn't have enough crank. Checked battery on/off with voltmeter, alternator didn't seem to be charging battery. Installed new alternator and was able to drive 2 hours, no stalls, and strong startups. Thanks for all the help guys, shout out to cruiser54 and his manual!
  3. Found a stock one on ebay....they want 75....anyone know of a aftermarket one or anything from another vehicle?
  4. I looked.....what's a good replacement alternator bracket? I broke it. I'd relocate it, but want to keep ac.
  5. Waiting on new tps, then will def try the paperclip, I agree w eaglescout, genius.
  6. Update, waiting on new tps, I get reading of 10.3 when backprobing key on, but nothing when I back probe the other pin. Before it was .2 or .3. Also changed CPS with napa echelon, just to see if it worked old CPS reading .3. Drilled out new one to 3/8ths, installed, tested at .5. Went for a drive runs better, but once hot I can still get it to stall if I try, blip the gas and let off quick and it might stall, only at slow speeds though, coming to a stop. Tested cps after drive now going from .4 to .3..... Could this be tps related and not CPS?
  7. And good find....ordered 2
  8. These come with new bolts? Snapped the top one....
  9. You guys are all being negative. But I'll take care of it.
  10. Can I leave it as is or is it probably not gonna charge the battery?
  11. My error, I was checking sensor ground, that was .02, I have yet to run tps checks.
  12. Throttle body and IAC were cleaned before test, .02 was key in off position.
  13. Any idea on part#? The moparonlineparts.com only has alfalfa romeo parts..... can't seem to find anything I know is mopar
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