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  1. I've got a whole 2.5 I'm parting out, I'd sell the bracket for cheap if you still need it
  2. Outer door felt (wiper) is gone. Inner is good and supple. Did you want the chrome lock strip too? Or door glass? You do have to pull the glass( both non venting vent window and main door glass. The window strip is supple. Vent window seal is good. Door seals are good, one hole on the drivers side I'll take 40 plus shipping for the rubber , 50 if you want the chrome stripping (2 minor dents) and 150 plus shipping with all glass, chrome and rubber.
  3. They look to be there and somewhat supple, we'll see if they come off in one piece
  4. Honed and surfaced block, shaved head, needs 4 ex. Valves, seats have been redone. Needs new cam and lifters. Crank ground .10 on both main and rods and polished.
  5. Itll be a while before I get you pics, just got to work. They'll be coming.
  6. Yep. Need the space, I've got 8 too many vehicles. Have to give me a few days to pull the stuff, got storms today and tomorrow.
  7. Wheel looks good, albeit a bit grungy. Cargo light is yellowed a bit, and the switch looks okay. I am willing to ship, where are you located? I'd take 130 for all of it plus shipping
  8. SOLD ITEMS Cargo light/switch Steering wheel Instrument cluster Rear bumper Tailgate handle Taillights Door/window rubbers The time has come to let someone else benefit from my lack of time. 86 MJ, engine has just gotten back from the machine shop, not built, and every other part is pulled off of the engine.the body is mostly straight, minus the driver door and the fender. Little rust holes in the floor. All 4 wheels, and a steel spare. 4 speed, 2.5 renix tbi. Camper shell. 1000 obo for the whole mess. 300 for engine, 300 for trans. 150 each axle. 150 for t/c. Open to offers. I will sell each and every piece separately or you can be the proud owner of the whole thing. Complete truck, engine had a knock, so I began to rebuild it. Paint is faded. PM with any questions. Willing to negotiate. Open for trades, no title
  9. Well if weight isn't an issue, I am partial to a mopper 318 build. They, in my opinion, can easily hit that hp mark, but then I'm stuck with trying to find a t/c and trans, has anyone done a 318 swap recently?
  10. It sounds so tempting, as the LS came at about 350 out of the box, but I'm also limited on budget. I wanted to go the carburetion route due to not wanting to use a computer (ie. Pay for a computer and a Painless kit ) and I know the carb manifolds for the LS engines run pretty high. I was wondering what other v6 engine would be suitable for this build? I like the 4.3, but a 90° v6 requires some "creative persuasion" to fit in an MJ bay.
  11. I agree to the LS swap idea, I'm just not trying to add too much weight to the engine bay, so I can stick close to stock suspension setups. I do like the chevy t/c idea, but still wondering what I should run as a front axle that would match the rear axle and make sense
  12. Alright guys. I'be done very little research, and I'm lost in the specifice and can't really get a build sheet together for this poor MJ. I've got an 86, command trac, 2.5L 4 speed. The engine has been rebuilt twice, odo shows 400xxx. I want a 4.3l 262. I know that's probably an awful idea, but I've got a lot of parts already for it, but if there's a better solution, I'm up for it. I want to run about 350hp, and I had a few ideas (sm465 with stock np207 followed by a dana 44). I just want to make sure I'm not getting into a turd fest with this kind of build
  13. Testing the sensors, I've been through 6 so far, kinda getting tired of crawling under there and getting rust in the eyes😅 but I was wondering if there was something else wrong. I've cleaned the mounting surface for the sensor, and verified tester connection, but have not gotten a sensor to even register ANY amps. Ohms test is spot on, for all sensors, but like Cruiser mentioned, the ohms aren't definitive.
  14. Yes, my bad, but I don't see the ckp on that diagram, unless they are referring to it as the engine speed sensor?
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