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  1. That makes sense, it looks like the previous owner put in an oil pressure gauge, and had the line run directly into the sending unit's spot.
  2. All spades are filled on the relay, and this wire is in the loom going the other direction. It comes from what I assume is C103_B. Haven't tested for fuel yet, have to drive into town and grab some so I can test that
  3. That was one of the first things that I checked, and, even finding that it looked okay, still replaced it under warranty (because that's what having friends at a parts store can do, apparently), and I still don't have spark. Good grounds, new coil, tested module, and confirmed good wires via ohming them out. And the two pin connector is depinned on the "a" side.
  4. Okay, that explains a few of the connectors, but there's one, by the ignition module, and I don't know if it is supposed to connect to the male spade terminal on the coil or if it is an unused connector like some of the others. I've tried attaining spark with and without this wire connected to the coil, and have had no luck.
  5. I recently picked up an 86 Renix 2.5 TBI MJ from a local farmers, who said he couldn't get it to run right. Almost instantly, I noticed that there were a few connectors not connected to anything, a lot of butt connectors, and that Haynes/Chilton made a terrible diagram for this specific engine. I was wondering if anybody had any pictures of the wiring/ could help to ID some of these stragglers.
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