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  1. I ll try both and if too much I ll just disconnect one!
  2. Yes it’s cool. I guess the 2 pumps are for front and rear on xj. I’m goin to plumb them together on comanche.
  3. Steering shaft firewall modifications. New heater core and AC evap for HVAC box before install. My handy motor plate I made to pull engines. Bolts in place of ac compressor.
  4. I was asked to start a build thread on a 1988 comanche /98 cherokee update. So here goes. I don't find that the swap is very difficult as both trucks are based off the same unibody but with 10 years difference there are subtle changes. The old mj was renix era and used a GM steering column shift included. The xj uses obd2 and floor shift. The hole through the firewall for column will have to be relocated close to brake booster. Measure and holesaw this. Not real big deal. The hvac box is pretty direct. Redrill the lower bolt by fan motor and slightly elongate 2 directly behind motor. The old mj steering column mount just dropped down from firewall. Drill out all spotwelds and toss it. The newer xj mount is a big aluminum piece that also bolts to left kick panel. These will need to be redrilled and the old mj ebrake bracket and studs should be removed also. The mj door strikers will need to be replaced with xj parts. Again some redrilling with careful measurements should do it. I’ve tried to upload pics but it’s super slow. Follow me on IG @88_comanche_chief. They are all there
  5. 1988 Comanche updating to 1998. Looking for build ideas. All 98 interior and obd 2 system.
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