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  1. This seems like the best spot for radio questions. My 1990 was a radio delete, but has the radio wiring harness, and the connectors through the door for speakers. A previous owner had some sort of radio installed - the radio was out when i got it, but there were still speakers in the doors. He had some... creative... wiring to get power to his radio using a spliced extension cord. I picked up an RX-173 for a good price - the seller claims that it worked when he pulled it out of his vehicle - so i plugged it into the harness when i got it, but no power, no anything. I'm more suspicious of my jeep's electrical vs. the radio, and am not sure of the best way to confirm where the issue is... the PO had snipped the speaker leads from the harness to connect directly to his radio, but i'm assuming i should still get power from the harness. The accessory power wire (purple and orange?) was also pulled out of the harness... but i'm not sure i'm getting any of the accessory power. I've replaced all the fuses, but am wondering if the radio delete option didn't connect the harness to battery, or if i'm totally going down the wrong path. I'm pretty sure the PO didn't disconnect the power, given the somewhat rigged power that was hooked up previously. Any tips on testing the power? I'm pretty new to the electrical side of things. I've got my multi-meter, but am not sure where to stick my leads...
  2. 1990 SporTruck 2.5L AX-4 Manual 4-Speed 2WD SWB Build Date: 9/89 Current Location: Charlotte NC Status: On the road, semi-Daily Driver Current Owner: Me!
  3. You are absolutely correct! I even looked at the diagram and was certain I had it right... this is such a relief! I'll be back home tomorrow and will put the right belt on the right way. Thanks to all!!
  4. So to follow up... I ended up getting a shorter Belt (70" vs 72") - and it fit great. From what i can tell the Power Steering adjustment is roughly where it was in the first place. There is still the question of Why - but "Ours is not to question 'Why'" thanks for everyone's input!
  5. Confirmed that all the bolts on the PS are loose, and i have the tensioner bolt fully extended to what should be the tightest point. The PS Pump is swinging freely now. The thing that is bugging me - when i first started checking everything, the PS Pump was locked down tight, and i've been driving without issue since i bought it a year or so ago... so what changed suddenly.. are there any sort of gaskets or liners or something that should be around one of the pulleys that maybe came off? maybe around the Fan Pulley?
  6. hard to get it all in one shot - I don't think i'm missing anyone - - i have the power steering fully extended, and you see the slack in the belt. Thanks for looking!
  7. So, i was driving to get groceries, and i think i hear a sound like a spring... and notice i don't have power steering. I get to the store and pop the hood, and see that the serpentine belt has come loose, and the pulley on the Alternator is spinning freely, like a bolt has come loose. I manage to get it back home without power steering, or any of the other accessories that run off the belt (kinda scary!) I get looking into it, thinking maybe something slipped to cause the belt to come loose - but the Power Steering pulley hadn't moved a bit - i had to loosen all the bolts around to get it to move at all. I even fully extended the bolt to adjust the tightness, and cannot get the belt tight. I considered the belt may have stretched at some point, so i ordered a replacement belt, and alternator just to be sure. that pulley didn't seem right. they arrived today - the belt is exactly the same as the one on there, so that ruled out the belt stretch theory. I'm stumped. Something must have moved somewhere to make it so the belt can't tighten up? this is on a 1990 2.5L MJ ...
  8. I’ve been looking for these seat brackets! Can I order one set?
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