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  1. Mine is having a lot of brake issues. We change the brakes brake pads fluids calipers you name it it's just not breaking very well
  2. Wow yours is in great shape. How many miles?
  3. Up for sale is an all original Jeep Comanche this truck is truly a barn find, I contacted the original owners and they literally kept this truck in their Barn to run errands, the truck was kept in the family between owners. When I purchased the truck it was in need of quite a bit of maintenance. What I have done so far is replace the front brakes with new rotors, calipers, brake pads, and wheel bearings. For the rear breaks I installed new drums, pads and wheel cylinders. The windshield was cracked when I bought the truck so I replaced it with a new OEM windshield also I installed a new Optima Red Top battery and purchased 4 new tires with warranty. I tuned the truck up and recently changed the oil, the only thing now is the A/C which was originally R12 there was a leak in the condenser so I purchased a new condenser and dryer to convert it over to R134a that I have not done yet if you look at the pictures above they are still in the package ready to be installed. Also the original radio still works fine and the keys are original. The truck starts right up cold and does not smoke or burn any oil.This motor is very strong! I bought this truck for my son for his 16th birthday but he truly wasn't really happy with the truck he's more into newer technology it's kind of a shame because I really like the truck and every where I drive it it turns heads, so I'm only selling the truck for what I have into it I know that Jeep enthusiasm out there will love this truck these trucks are hard to find especially in this good of condition. This truck is always been a southern truck it has not seen snow there is absolutely no rust on this truck. If have any questions feel to ask 904-465-2995 (Mick).
  4. I have a truck I am trying to get rid of. 89 jeep comanche pioneer
  5. Time Flys don't it. I'm trying to sell my comanche and buy my son a truck for his birthday next month
  6. I have a 1989 jeep comanche pioneer barn fine. Bought it for my son. Yours is nice.
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