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  1. Great info. So no need to replace bushing? Just go with the 1/4 inch bolt.
  2. I have some serious SSG on my drivers side door. Want to make them half doors and figure I might as well fix the pins and bushings while I’m at it. I believe the bushing wore out and that’s what’s causing my issue. Anyone have any luck finding the correct pins? Seems like all I can find are the 97+ pins. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I recently installed a bedside exhaust. Everything came out looking good. I originally had the exhaust tip facing the wrong direction which caused some issues when driving about 40mphs. I’m guessing some major back pressure. I fixed the exhaust tip and the motor is much smoother now at higher speeds. However I still get some minor vibration when I reach around 55 mph and cruise for about 5 minutes. Before new exhaust it had never vibrates like this. Running a magnaflow glass pack, no cat. Any ideas what this might be? Still getting minor back pressure? Thank in advance
  4. Got them. Wiring diagram really helped. Thanks for the help
  5. Back if the tail lights has 3 wired white for ground, black says tail and red says stop and turn. The turn signal I was able to get through my amber light on the bottom. Just struggling to get the darn brake and running lights figured out
  6. The back has 3 wires. White for ground, and a red and a black wire. I will have to pull them back off real quick to see what they say as far the red and black. Wonder if if I need a converter or find the correct lights lol. Never been much for wiring.
  7. Hey gang. Could use some help with these tail lights. Made some new ones because I ripped out the old ones on the trail. I believe I figured out turn signal and also running lights. However I am struggling with getting brake lights and running lights with brake lights. I have turn signal going to the amber colored light and trying to use the red light for brake and running. Any help would be appreciated. Also a link or pic of the wiring diagram could also be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Very true, this is why I am replacing mine with 2x4 rock slider
  9. My drivers side door latch is literally falling off. Anyone felt with this and if so, what steps did you take to fix it. I don’t want to just start cutting stuff before what some of you have done. Thanks in advance
  10. I actually just pulled off the rear line as you mentioned. Zero ail is getting through that line. It was completely clogged up. Hopefully that’s some of the issue.
  11. So I have been slowing building worn out 90 2wd Comanche into a 4wd mild off road build. I finished the conversion and replaced most everything. Took her on her first trip which was a 6 hour drive to Kentucky, 3 days of trails and a 6 hour drive home. She did pretty well however I started to loose oil very quickly. All the oil seemed to be coming from the drivers side under the air box. I finally got home and pulled the air box out. There is pooled up oil in the air box and the air filter is completely saturated. Will try the cruiser vavle cover mod. Any other reasons I will have High crank ca
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