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  1. I have TBI and have done nothing to my engine, all stock. Also I'm not planning on running 10 seconds at the drag strip with my tranny, I’m just looking for a better alternative. I know what transmissions are capable of it’s just what you said was that I was 1 of 3 mj’s with the 904. There’s my issue, it’s rare, and I have had very difficult time trying to find parts, which in most cases I never find. On the other hand, the Ax5 has parts somewhat readily available. Also, from what my grandma has said(she bought it brand new in ‘86) that she’s had to replace the tranny multiple times and I don’t really want to go through that.
  2. Replying to JeepcoMJ, I use my jeep as a DD and most of the time, I have to mash the gas just to get somewhat of acceleration, especially if I have impatient drivers behind, which in my case, is almost everyone. I'm running stock height on my jeep with 235 75r15 tires with 4.10 gearing. Also, I've heard that 3.4's were not that reliable, but correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
  3. So if I managed to get to the point of a swap, would it be possible to use my transfer case I have or would I need a new one for a manual tranny?
  4. I have 4.10 gearing, and my jeep is already slow enough, wouldn’t bigger tires make it even slower. Also, how hard are AX5 transmissions to find and would any year of AX5 work?
  5. Just wondering how difficult it would be to swap in like a manual transmission into my '86 Comanche. I have a torqueflite 904 3 speed auto and it's awfully slow and maybe an AX4 swap would work, or is it just a waste of money. Plus I practically have to floor it everywhere I go just to get up to speed. So is it worth the effort for better gas mileage, etc. or should I just keep it stock and deal with it. Thanks.
  6. NCardwell


    1986 Jeep Comanche Custom 2.5 Liter, Torqueflite 904 3 speed auto, Don’t know transfer case, Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear, Longbed. Build date is unknown, the text is all gone from the sticker. Northwest, Sandy, Oregon Been my daily driver for the past year or so with about 105k miles on her. Garnet Metallic paint on the outside, red interior, column shift, bench seats, all stock except for some wheels. I am the current owner: Nathan Cardwell
  7. Just noticed this today, but every time I turn, even when I’m not moving, I hear a distinct poping coming from under my butt. It kind of sounds rubbery when it pops too. Could it be bad bushings somewhere? Or I’ve seen videos on loose track bars, but the sound is coming from directly under me, or at least I think it’s where it’s coming from. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Yea, crawled under my Manche with a foot of snow and found that one of the starter bolts came completely loose and was resting on the exhaust, thank god for the exhaust! Bolted her back up and it’s starting fine, thanks guys for the help.
  9. We think we narrowed it down to my starter, oil pressure is fine, just when it starts, it grinds a lot now. Time to invest into a new starter. Thanks for the help. Which starter should I get?
  10. Noise only happens when on the starter, after it starts up and let go of the starter it runs fine. Also the noise definitely sounds internal and everything else looks solid, my Jeep only has 100k miles on it so I don’t think anything would be too worn out, but then again it’s a Jeep. As for the oil pressure, I am waiting for my dad to get home so he can also listen to it as well. So I will post my oil pressure once my dad gets home and we can both hear it together. Thanks!
  11. Thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of this snow we have here in Portland, so I went drifting around my high school parking lot with some friends and was pushing my Comanche pretty good. We stopped walked around for a bit and when we were leaving, I started up my Comanche and it made a god awful knocking sound starting up, but when it started, it ran just fine. The oddest part is that it sounds like the engine is gonna fall out when starting, but it drives just fine no problem. So I am a little worried I pushed her too hard and damaged it. Here are the specs: -1986 Comanche Custom -2.5L engine -Torqueflite 904 3 speed auto -Can’t think of anything else to put at this moment as I am a little worried. All help will be much appreciated, Thank you!
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