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    Jeeps and turbocharged ls builds. I also have a 408 ls blazer with a 96mm turbo I'm building.

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  1. haha yup, plan on a 3 link front, triangulated stretch rear LCG build on this.
  2. well since Phuckbucket still haven't change their ways this forum is ruined. I did end up selling the mj and just bought a 06 Rubicon to build now. hope to see you guys out and about still.
  3. yup i really look over what I'm attaching hooks on. the last thing i was coming at me is a 10 lb hood at 100mph haha.
  4. haha i was the only one with a winch to help a another buddy out that was stuck in a deep rut in the creek at Redbird in Indiana. i coudnt pull from rear since his bumper was rotted off and couldnt go from bottom so had to drop in from the side of the creek. it was sketcky and worked the suspension nicely but got it to position to snatch block. I had to reverse back up this spot which was fun haha. the drop in. bad day for him. Debeaded tire off rim here haha.
  5. it still needs caged. been working on my blazer. its a 408ls with s485 and a glide. 1200+hp build. That licence plate was all i had for extending that sending unit to reach bottom of tank. i wire wheeled the sticker off of it BTW lol. I drive the mj around town and every time i drive it i get ppl coming up to me which is awesome. the blazer build is another to follow haha i won't bored you guys with the blazer. i have a trip to moab planned sept 2nd till the 11th. got alot of testing to do but can't wait
  6. had an awesome time at Turkey Bay can't wait till next weekend i get off and bring the jeep there
  7. The over heating issue hasnt been a problem for me lately its my power steering. I have tried 2 boxes 2 pumps, new high pressure line and return. Bled it 40 times back n forth not running, running 20 times, still whines once i start working it hard. keep cativating the fluid. I tried vacuum pump to the res last night no change. new toy bubbles Image Not Found got tired of messing with it so bought a rzr and will tinker with jeep more next week. I need to go wheel! Going down to turkey bay OHV in KY this weekend to scope some trails in the rzr for next jeep trip
  8. haha sorrry wasnt sure if any one followed. I did get my track bar bracket fixed. took jeep to the store and noticed steering sucked. track bar bracket ripped. race season is soon so been messing with the blazer i have. cage will be done soon tho. hope by next trip out. Image Not Found need to check the front dif fluid. i noticed it was leaking oil so prolly whhen i do that seal ill buy a locker and install it. spool up front sucked
  9. yup pretty good time. need to get this cooling issue ffigured out. hoping its a bad t stat. i bought the funnel that attaches to the rad cap to try n burp it but doesnt seem like its working right. just over flows and blow new coolant all over my bay. lol idk if stat is opening when it should or what.
  10. got a lil work done not much tho. lil wiring relay plate made up . bed floor bolted down and rear rock lights put in.
  11. nice i need to measure my lock to lock. with the reid knuckles it seem that i lost some turning raduis. they got nice cast stops molded in.
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