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  1. interested in that upper and lower grey dash. Any heat/sun damage??
  2. I’ve got my 89 pioneer 2.5L 4x4 5speed. Been considering selling.. NO rust
  3. Alrighty. So I'm in the clear. .. Thank y'all
  4. So by your specs/observations I'm running high. What should I do? 'preciate your input, Eagle
  5. I've searched a bit and found some threads discussing this but not any that quite answered my issue. So forgive me if there's one out there and I missed it. Also if y'all prefer me to resurrect and old thread instead of a new one, my apologies. So here's my situation... (I'm adding a bit of history to be sure I'm detailed for y'all) First I switched out the P.O.S. plastic valve cover with an aluminum one I snagged off a 4 banger XJ. Got the correct gasket and everything went well with the install. I did an oil change 10w30 Synthetic. I immediately noticed a loud tap on the top end just as I turned it over. Only a second, then gone. I thought it may be something with he fit. I asked A buddy and he said it just sounded like it took an extra second for the oil to catch up. So I changed the oil with Rotella 5w40 synthetic and the tap disappeared ... And now to the oil pressure... I swapped out my 89 pioneer dummy light cluster with a 90 XJ so I could finally get a temp, tach, and oil pressure reading. That also went relatively smoothly. I purchased (I believe) the correct switch for the pressure part #ECH OP6638 and swapped it with the old dummy sensor. My oil pressure read real high. No, not because the switch wasn't connected properly (I saw the spike to max b4 I had the switch installed). It was reading nearly 80 at startup and went down to 65~ at idle. Note: this was actually before I changed to the rotella t6. After the oil change it was ready maybe 70-75 at start up and around 55-60 at idle. When I accelerate its at 65-70. I actually was able to swap the switch for a new one at Napa expecting/hoping the switch was faulty. No luck. Same reading. I have a buddy that has a mech pressure gauge tester. To my delight, the gauge read 48-50 at idle and 60 when I gave it some gas. I was relieved to find out that my gauge runs 10 or so high. However that still seems a bit high, right? So after ready elsewhere it would seem that its above normal. But I wasn't sure if it was maybe any different with the 2.5L's. Maybe higher pressure with the smaller engine? IDK Would the gauges or switches read different in a 2.5L than a 4.0? Thanks in advance for your help! Oh and just to mention. I just broke 35k on this guy. Farm truck with low miles when I got it and it seems to be sealed up real well. No leaks that I can tell...
  6. Whats the current choice for the front and rear? I've seen some posts on this but I know some on the parts have been disco'd or different numbers? ~2" lift Do you source them, Hornbrod? Thanks
  7. 'Preciate it sir. I thought that may have been the case but wanted to confirm that. Fixing some electrical issues. I also have a bad short due to a leaking clutch master cylinder :grrrr: . Replacing the engine side 'plug' at the firewall and then splicing wires at the air box. Good chance I'll have question on two :) ... I'm also replacing the battery cables. Is that a "stick to the manual" job?
  8. Need some help on a wiring question. On top of the distribution block, there's the double wire plug (a gray and a black wire).. Which way does it connect? I was fixing some wiring and figured it could only be oriented one way but seems that either way works. Gray or black wire closer to the firewall? Thanks
  9. Sorry for the radio silence. Been a bit busy. 'Preciate the help y'all. I'm planning to make some purchases this week and get some work going on the truck. Some maintenance things to take care of in addition to some mods... Making a start with WJ uca swap, cleaning up the undercarriage (maybe paint) and getting some 30's put on. Haven't decided on the tire. BFG AT's? or some Cooper ATs maybe? Some maintenance I'm gonna tackle is swapping some gaskets. One thing I'm unsure about: Are all the jeep 2.5l oil pans the same? at least for mj and xj's? Seems like some part sites say they are some don't.?.? Want to be sure before I get one and learn mid swap.. and same question with the oil pan gasket? hoping for just a one piece but got the same mixed signals with compatibility? Good word, John. Perfection can be an enemy of mine... Are the JK shocks a simple bolt on? height changes?
  10. Alright so here's what I'm looking at... Steering towards 30's. 'preciate the input. I'm liking more the idea of keeping it minimal. Any make that seems to be favored for on and off road? WJ CA's: I'm eying them Core4x4's. maybe overdoing it? (again, I'd like to shoot for better/best. And I like Made in USA) Also had a friend mention Ironman4x4?.?. With the CA's, it give the option of poly w/zirks or rubber w/o? Just front lower's? Shackles: Was also looking at Core4x4's. They're adjustable which would help in leveling, yeah? Shocks: What do y'all suggest? And would you just get stock shocks with pucks or something different to add/accommodate the ~2" lift? And I'm considering replacing rear shocks as well. Does that change anything? Rocker guards.. didn't see many options? much obliged!
  11. 'Preciate the input guys. I've considered keeping it stock. Still considering. Its a hard choice. On those parts you mentioned, Pete, preference to any particular brand? I had made a note about getting WJ lower arms after reading the forums. New or try and score some at a pull apart? I also remember reading up on the lockers but I think it was for the rear. Any benefit to one instead of the other?
  12. Thanks for the reply and the input! And I realize I didn't add to the OP that my front is a bit squashy. Still original. So needs new springs an shocks. Probably some work on the rear as well. Does that change your recommendation? Additions?
  13. Hey Y'all! First want to say I appreciate the club. So much knowledge and lots of help! :bowdown: Secondly, I apologize if you feel there isn't a need of a new thread on this. I've spent hours researching and have gotten good info but still feel I need some missing pieces. Here's what I got: '89 Pioneer just past 30,000 miles (yeah, crazy. It was a well kept farm truck. Not driven much off the acreage) 2.5L 4 banger AX5 dana 30/35 (4.10/4.11) Here's what I need help on: "Tonto" is my DD and will continue to be, but I'd like to beef him up a little for a some moderate wheelin'. What would you do?? Goals would be 31's on a good preforming lift for the daily and when I want to have some fun. And I'm hoping to do that without having to change a lot from stock. I'm not building anything huge. And I actually like the 4 cylinder :thumbsup: Again, I know this topic is talked about often but I didn't find any that met my criteria. NOTE: I'm a "do it right the first time" kind of guy. I just want a solid(and safe) set up and would like* to hang in the $1500 range to start with. Plan to do the work myself. Thanks y'all!
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