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  1. Prerunner Build

    Okay. I refreshed the page and it decided it was okay I put the trans cooler picture in. Cool. Like I said. Feel free to judge. I’m always open to new ideas. And yes I know. It can’t lay flat like that. I’ll adjust it so it has airflow. When the bed is off.
  2. Prerunner Build

    Well. The site is being dumb. Even though the picture of the trans cooler is less than 1.95mb. And even though I’ve sized it down to 200kb to where it’s blurry as hell. I still can’t upload it. So here’s a picture of the lines where I tapped into the existing trans cooler. Dual coolers FTW!
  3. Prerunner Build

  4. Prerunner Build

    UPDATE A few things happened. I got my trans cooler plumbed. It’s just laying in the bed for now. I’ll throw some pictures up. Feel free to judge. I also removed the mechanical engine fan and replaced it with a single electric fan mounted in the center of the radiator behind the grill. Not wired yet because i want to test the amp draw and add a relay accordingly so I don’t burn the truck down. I was driving it around just to get a feel for how it’s going to handle and overheated it. Oops. I also picked up some PRP seats yesterday and have those sitting in the truck for now. I have to make brackets for them. Do you guys think I can modify some Cherokee brackets to work? I’d like them to be very sturdy so I might just have to weld some brackets straight to the floor and bolt the seats to them. We’ll see. Plans for the next few weeks are to get the bed removed and start mocking up the fuel cell. And on that note. What is everyone’s experience with in-line fuel pumps. Rumor has it the E2000 pump works well. My only question would be; What changes do you have to make to the fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator to handle the max pressure of 95 psi? And also do you just take two wires from the existing pump plug and use them for the new pump? Any info would be appreciated. Il’l do my research as well.
  5. Prerunner Build

    Thanks for all that info! I’ll definitely reconsider cutting all that inner fender well out. Id like to run 12” stroke triple bypasses in the front. And now that you mention it I think by lowering the bottom shock mount a little, I’ll be able to achieve the space for the bypass to get almost its whole movement. I’ve still got some measuring to do. Like I said I’d really like to run 12” bypasses but if I need to I’ll go town to a 10”. Ill have to make some cardboard cutouts of extended and compressed shock lengths and see what kind of room I’m going to need.
  6. Prerunner Build

    The last picture is after I straightened out the upper fender mounting panel thing.
  7. Prerunner Build

    UPDATE The updates are gonna get really boring so bear with me. I adjusted the links the other day and ended up removing the passenger upper link all together. Seems to feel a little better going over bumps and through the suspension cycle. So I’ll probably run it a 3-link setup for now. I took the front fenders and header panel off. And found some real crap... i knew the truck was in an accident because the paint is chipped in a few spots and it’s blue underneath. But a lot of the truck has been replaced. The header panel. Fenders. Radiator support. Hood. Possibly doors. And everything that the fenders and header panel mount to has been boogered up. I can see that the frame is crunches in the front drivers side in front of the coil all the way to the bumper. And the wheel well has had some serious massaging with a hammer. I’ll post some pictures. But this really tears me up. Not sure how I was so oblivious. BUT, the build won’t end. I wasn’t planning on this being a show truck. Just a toy to play with while i build a beamed, v8 comanche. Anyways. Got the mechanical fan removed and the electric radiator fan mounted. It’s gonna fit nicely behind the crooked grill so I’m happy about that. Just need to do the wiring for it. Gonna mount my hella 1000’s on the front bumper and run the wires for that as well. Next time i have the truck in the shop. I worked on the tranny cooler for a bit. Mocking it up and such. It will be next to the fuel cell in the bed. And the fuel cell. That’s for another day.
  8. Prerunner Build

    Haven’t really tested the flex much. Doesn’t seem too bad. I’ll have to stick a hi-lo under one of the front tires and check. Gotta do that anyway to figure out where to mount my bumpstops.
  9. Prerunner Build

    I’ve got long arms. Rustys jeepspeed kit actually. I bought a rustys track bar too, with a drop bracket. I'm pretty sure the angle the track bar is at is too severe. And it’s moving the axle side to side. I guess I’ll have to order a new track bar and mount it on the top side of the axle. And hope that it won’t come in contact with anything. I’ll do some research.
  10. Prerunner Build

    UPDATE. I think I’ve made my decision on what I want to do as far as front shocks go. I’ll probably be fabricating some shock hoops that go up into the engine bay. That way I can run longer bypass shocks and take advantage of what travel the front end is producing. Now I just need to figure out why the whole front of the truck moves side to side while the suspension compresses and rebounds.
  11. Prerunner Build

    WOW Goatman, you’re a lifesaver. I bought all new plugs and wires, distributor cap, rotor. I got the cap and rotor on. And started going over the vacuum lines. I found the one you were talking about and it was unplugged by the firewall. I plugged it back in and the truck runs like new. THANK YOU! That could possibly be why my old Comanche ran like crap too.
  12. Prerunner Build

    UPDATE So as you can tell from the pictures I got the front end kit on and ended up snatching up a set of Cooper Discoverer 35x12.5 tires. It sits awesome but the front fenders are coming off, it rubs like you can’t imagine. Had to do a 35 point turn just to get into a parking spot. And I haven’t even given it the garage alignment yet so even moving it 50 feet into the shop my tires are screaming at me. I also backed the truck up and put it in park to check ball joints. And yeah, they will be replaced very very soon. The truck was looking like a riced out civic. During the install I took the air cleaner off to get to the driver side shock nut. And went to park it without the filter on. And it started running seriously rough. And smoking really bad. Smells really ritch. I’m imagining a vacuum issue. And upon re-installing the filter and leaving the battery cable off for a couple hours the rough running persisted and it’s to the point where it’s almost un-driveable. I pulled one of the plugs and it looks like crap. So I went ahead and bought spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and a rotor hoping it’s gonna solve my rough running issue. I still need to temporarily mount some front shocks so I can at least drive the thing. So after the plugs and wires. I’m going to give it a garage alignment and make some shock brackets. Phew, wish me luck
  13. Prerunner Build

    I’ll just leave this here
  14. Prerunner Build

    Wow thank you so much for the info! I’ll look into those coils and the bump stops. I’m planning on 4 linking the rear after this coming sand season so I’m not sure how much I really wanna do with the current setup.
  15. Prerunner Build

    I will be running fiberglass on all four corners. Most likely hannemann bacause they offer the 6” flare in the front. I like the looks of the McNeil but they only offer a 4”. 6” hannemann in the rear as well since I will eventually be swapping a ford 9” back there.