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  1. so i broke the hazard button off when i was doing something with the ignition switch and cannot find another replacement hazard button, i've looked and am not able to screw anything in and was wondering if anyone knew where to get one, that would be very helpful!
  2. Thank you! that was helpful, i got it fixed yesterday and it works great! no more jiggling the key to get stuff to work!
  3. I just need to drop the steering column to get to it right? any tips on getting to it?
  4. So when i start my truck, i have to jiggle the key to get the accessories to work (the HVAC, radio and turn signals/wipers) Lately I'm not even able to get them to turn on while jiggling the ignition/key cylinder. I've replaced the cylinder and it still hasn't helped, Any suggestions?
  5. So I'm trying to do a blink test on my 90 comanche and I don't have a engine light so I'm wondering what light will it blink from and what is the procedure
  6. If you ever come down near Tracy i have an extra 4.0 pan sotting on my shelf. You can have it! Its obviously used but if you're in the area free is always good. I might hit you up on that oil pan, thanks
  7. that could be my problem, any good place i can buy one?
  8. I do not recall a thin metal collar. do you have any pictures of it?
  9. Alright, I rebuilt an engine for my comanche, and i have driven it across a few states, when i was putting the engine together i noticed the oil pan was sorta warped, but being crunched for time i put it on and RTV'd the crap outta it. and it started to leak a while ago, and just a few weeks ago i replaced the gasket and it still is leaking. I looked in the viewing port of the transmission, and there is no oil on the flexplate/torque converter/bell housing. so i doubt it is the rear main seal. My question is if the oil pan is sorta warped, could that be a cause of its leaking? and if that is the case, where can i buy a new pan? i have a 90 comanche 4.0L straight 6. and hoping to not spend an arm and a leg for a pan. if you could give me any good sites for an oil pan that would be great, thanks in advance..
  10. I just balanced my tires 2 days ago, so i highly doubt it would be them, and I will definitely check all the trackbar, frame mount bracket, trackbar to bracket, trackbar to axle. It could also be my bushings and linkage, it mostly has the original bushings on it. I've replaced most of the tie rod ends.
  11. No I have not lifted it, or modified it at all. I will take that into consideration when i can get under the truck and look, thanks
  12. When i am on the highway, doing around 70, i get violent shaking from the front end of my truck, and the only way it goes away is if I reduce my speed to around 55. I have had this problem before and i have fixed it and now i am at a dead end. I have balanced the tires, and replaced the steering stabilizer shock. and it is still violently shaking at high speeds. I know it isn't warped rotors cause its not when I'm braking, and also it wouldn't be the wheel bearings because its a constant shaking in the steering too. This is the third time it has done this and i am getting really frustrated with this vehicle. Any advice would help!
  13. 1990 Jeep Comanche (not sure if its a pioneer/eliminator/etc) 2WD/4WD Straight 6, 4L, I think its the A904 trans, not sure on the transfercase, the rear and front axle, and the wheelbase (if anyone could tell/guess what mine could be, that'd be great) Build date: 4/90 Current Location: Sacramento, CA. Current Status: Driveable Nothing really special about it, other than missing an E, so its a jep. Exterior is blue, but fading fast. interior is grey, Bench seat, vinyl and fabric lined, Column shift, I am current owner, and will always own. here is a picture of it
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