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  1. Radialmech

    Front Turn Signal Sockets, Bad?

    I had a problem with mine due to rust. I wire brushed the outside of the assembly that holds the bulb and soldered the bulb holder to the housing. No more grounding issues for me. The factory part is crimped together like a soup can and became loose over time I guess. It was intermittent for a while and then just quit one day. I tried a new bulb too thinking that was the problem, but it wasn't until I soldered the outside of the bulb holder to the light housing that holds the bulb holder that I was able to cure the problem. Hope this helps.
  2. Radialmech

    Cleaning a 4.0/Aw4/NP231

    Diesel makes an excellent parts cleaner, and it's relatively cheap.
  3. Radialmech


    I have checked the national park website for Ocala. They have a lot of trails around and through the park. Most are for motorcycles and ATV's, but some are listed as being for 4WD vehicles. I have not brought the Jeep to Fl yet, but am looking forward to getting out and about with it when I do get it moved here. Maybe we can scrounge up some more people and make a little get together at Ocala.
  4. Radialmech


    So anybody here ever go wheeling at Ocala? Just wondering if it's worth the trip? Anything cool to see or do there?
  5. Radialmech

    Roll Call!

    Name is Dave Warren. Saint Augustine, Fl. 88 MJ Pioneer, White, Short box, 4X4, 4.0 with the BA10:(, and NP231:), 3:73 Gears. Lots of engine work, MSD Ignition. I have not done much off roading since I left Alaska in 2006, but am looking forward to getting back into it and meeting some locals.
  6. Radialmech


    Fairly new to this forum, just relocated to St. Augustine from Oklahoma. Have not brought the MJ down yet, but hoping to have it here for Jeep Beach. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  7. Radialmech

    Identify This Transmission

    I agree, the T5 is pretty stout. A buddy of mine had one in an 85 Mustang, pushing around 500HP. It held up to drag race use for several years. The car caught fire and burned and was scrapped, but as far as I know the tranny was still holding up.
  8. Radialmech

    89 Mj No Start

    Having to give it throttle to start sounds to me like it may have an induction system leak. It's too lean on fuel to start, giving it some throttle would richen up the mixture. Also vacuum or induction leaks will make an engine run rough, not want to idle. Look for holes in the vacuum lines, check the rubber pieces on the throttle body. Mice like to chew holes in things. If it has been sitting a couple of years, then their is a good chance that mice have gotten ahold of it. What engine do you have? If it is a 4.0 like mine, the timing is non-adjustable, it is controlled by the ECU/ECM. When I first bought my truck it would run great for 10 minutes and then die. It would start right up again after sitting for 10 minutes or so and cooled down. I finally figured out the wires on the crankshaft position sensor were getting hot and breaking contact. I swapped in a new one and have not had any trouble with it since.