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  1. fishdmax

    Hitch In Co

    It would probably cost more than it's worth to ship to Tennessee.
  2. fishdmax

    Hitch In Co

    Off my 89 short box $100 http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/4451423876.html
  3. When I bought my 89 the passenger side door would not open. After driving it home, I live on a rough dirt road, it opened. Great, I closed the door and it was stuck again. Drove around on the road again, hit a few good pot holes, and it opened. I removed the door panel again before I shut the door. The plastic ends on the rods were shot, ordered new ones from Team Cherokee, worked great since.
  4. MJ, http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/4173214391.html
  5. Yep, you are wrong, I'll pick it up about 11am tomorrow and be up to see you!!!! I hope you don't have that rifle in your lap when I get there.... Steve
  6. I took this Draw Tite off my 89 short box, same holes and bolts as the bumper
  7. I got it from a dealer in Glenwood Springs CO, last on he had. He said a dealer in California has the last seven in the computer. Part # 53002864. Your local Jeep dealer should be able to get one of them.
  8. That worked great, boot installed. Thanks Steve
  9. I have a new inner shift boot, the on that screws in the top of the transmission hump. How do I remove the shift lever to install it?? Steve
  10. I'll order the complete headliner from Steve. Thanks for all the replys
  11. I just got my headliner out and there is damage to the backer board on the sides above the doors where the clips are. That area is just about destroyed. Is there a way to build it back up so I can recover the headliner. New member here, first post. I've found a lot of anwers to fix many things using "search", but nothing on the backing. Steve
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