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  1. Really! I never heard of that before. So this doesn't show up on a tire machine? Also, what is the solution? You said you rebalanced your own, so what did you do differently? Well it's the weights being 180 degrees from each other if there's more than 2weights on the wheel. It makes it hop at a certain speed . It's called counterbalance I'd go to a big company tire shop and et them rebalanced
  2. It could also be your balance on your wheels I work at a tire shop and before I balanced my own rims I had the same problem . What it is is called counter balance . If the weights are 180 degrees from each other then that could be what it is. I would have your tires rebalanced
  3. I live in the portland are and have a 1987 jeep comanche bone stock, plan on getting it built or lifted here soon . Would like to take a trip with other Comanches or jeeps up the mountian . Doesn't matter what kind of rig we can go somewhere were there is trails for everyone. Just reply and say what you have and where your at
  4. Turns out the part I got was defective I got the brakes on and fixed now time for new brake shoes agian on the side that was leaking and new master cylinder
  5. We had the drums on and when we bled them we saw it dumping fluid and were like wtf so we took the drum off and it was leaking out of the new cylinder . I just can't figure out why it would be leaking
  6. I have 4 wheel drive and it leaking out of the wheel cylinder . Also my load sensing thing isn't even hooked up
  7. Actually I take that back I almost forgot. The little rubber end on the cylinder piped off when I was bleeding my brakes. That's we're it leaks from.
  8. Pretty sure cause when I have the drum off I can see it leaking from under the cylinder , but I will check at the back were the cable is connected and see if its leaking.
  9. So I bought a new cylinder for the left rear brakes , cause it wa leaking , got them all installed and everything and they still leak. Could it be my master cylinder sending to much pressure and making the seal leak?
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