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  1. Yes you read that right. The Red Eliminator has towed 10k well over the years. Will be moving a built 44 over and a custom leaf pack. Vanco Big brakes and the list goes on. but the only thing i will add is a rear Anti-sway bar. but if you look at the stock specs it makes a 1/2 ton of the day look weak . But ya most the local think the same..
  2. Ya they are available on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-2001-JEEP-CHEROKEE-SMOKE-SMOKED-4PCS-CORNER-LIGHTS-BUMPER-SIGNAL-LIGHTS-/221129849681?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AJeep%7CModel%3ACherokee&hash=item337c5dbb51&vxp=mtr Like 55 bucks. If you look there are some on there for the pre 97 aswell. No problem :thumbsup:
  3. That is a sharp looking MJ. And i too may be pullng a few ideas from your build for mine. As much attention to the paint/protection you have payed. that thing will never rust.. lol eather that or even if it did all the paint will act as structural support.. HAHA
  4. Your MJ is looking great! Love your attention to detail. :bowdown: Too bad They never let a MJ equiped like that from the factory.
  5. Well all sorry for lack of update. But been working on The MJ. Rock was not lieing when he said the brakes was bad... The pedal would get stiff but no real stopping force. So i took a look at the system and the Rotors was DONE. So a quick order from (ironically named) www.rockauto.com :typing: And.... Lots of parts, A few parts in there came from Amazon as well but all the brake parts came from RockAuto. (don't ask the totel HAHA that hurt the old Bank acct) And if you are wondering about the PowerTrax... A few weeks ago it was raining here, And i went to merge into some traffic. The weak rear springs and gripe tires made for some wheel hop. And to everyone's surprise i know, The Dana 35 did not take a liking to that. POP went the pass spiders. (and a limp home) Lucky it was only a few blocks from my house. But w/ that installed (sorry forgot to grab pic's) it was time to fix the brakes. Can you see a problem? lol (Sorry forgot to grab a pic before i put the wheels back on)But nice and shinny!!! Rotors was very cheap. less then 20 per rotor. saddly the bearings cost more lol Timkin Set2 & Set 6 + seals was over $50 and new brake pads ($20) just because i was already there. Set the preload and BRAKES marvelous BRAKES! ( and if you are confused it is a 2 wheel drive so the rotor is a rotor/hub assb.) Since i had the hood up RockAuto had a very cheap cap&rotor set ($20)and a less then $10 for Bosch Premium wire set. And i had a set of Bosch +4 laying around from the RedHead. Less then 30 min run time on them. There was nothing wrong w/ the ignition system. Just one of my pet peeves. and the old rotor&cap was aluminum, now its all copper.. Just better energy transfer and was a cheap upgrade. And since it was me. every plug under the hood got a coating of Dielectric grease. I am a stickler for that stuff. i even hit all the bulb sockets around the truck. I keep large amounts of Contact cleaner,spray&past Dielectric grease on hand. The pic got kinda blow out, But the main front clip connector was in bad shape. Had to contact clean/pipe cleaner it before i could hit it w/ a good coating of dielectric. Also i replaced the idler pulley because i kept hearing a chirp from the belt every time the A/C was on and i taped the gas.. but it was not worn that bad. turns out it was a loose belt. the belt adjuster was pretty rusty. So some spray lube and a slow cycle of the adjuster cleaned that right up and went ahead and replaced the idler and put the old one into the box and throw back up on the shelf as a back up. Next was the Blower motor. a few days before i was driving and noticed that even at high idle the Volt drop w/ the fan on high was a bit too much. So i also ordered a new blower motor. Hard to see but the motors brushes was very low and the winding's was caked in dirt. the motor had gotten so hot that it melted the vent tube to the casing lol. But now even on high at low idle and w/ the headlights on the volt drop is minimal. Also since i was there I changed out the cheap Walmart NeverStart Battery for a Optima Yellow Top i had sitting around. Now the Jeep it starting faster and just very happy. :clapping: As far as the brakes. Its working great. got the Semi-metallic pads bedded to the new rotors, And it takes SO much less pedal effort to slow down now. But The drivers side rear adjuster is locked so i am ordering new adjusters for both sides. And still have to fix a rounded Brake line fitting. :doh: I should of fingered when there was new brakes lines in the truck but not on.. LOL No biggy cut and re-flare time. the old lines are not good at all. need to replace them before I do a 95 96 booster&master upgrade. And i also found that the Radiator is bad/leaking so next month. replace the radiator and upgread to a 3x 10 inch electric fan set up w/ multi stage turn on. And a open loop conversion. hate that little plastic active bottle that always fails.. IDK how long this truck will be 2 Wheel drive.. after i get the truck back up to stock/slightly better condition and save up for a new NSG370 and assorted parts then it will get the 4x4 upgrades. The only thing i have left to replace is the Key lock cylinder. it is too worn to go into Accs. and is Crome! so 12 bucks from RockAuto got a nice new Black Ignition cylinder. And because i could not pass it up.. for like $13 Yup and NOS Jeep Comanche Owners manual.. ya i was very very excited to find that. RockAuto again to the rescue! So w/ the new parts table cleaned off time to refill it.. the center counsel insert is a true MJ one. it has a blank out panel where the XJ E-brake goes. Its a dash Bazel i picked up a years ago. its plastic brushed Aluminum look. The on in the new MJ had been cut for a bad radio install. it has to go. made the headunit install way harder then it should of been. And the new one looks better anyway. and just as a teaser.. Yup white face indaglow. can you guess what the interior lighting color seam will be? I have one bolt holding me back on the passenger side downer seat. it is rusted pretty bad but a trip to sears and i think i got what its going to take to get it off. and then its off to the reupholsters to get a black/gray matching refinish. They are in great shape and short of a little cleaning and fix the rust on the lower bolt holes. They are way more comfy then the plactic that are in there and they fold! LMAO And a quick pick of the downer... Yup thats the RedHead she is a Eliminator converted to 4x4 and a list of other upgrades. Had her for 8 years now. tThinking after i get this MJ fixed up I may try a full on 97+ treatment to her. may even bring it back to 2x4 and a 14 bold just for fun. lol. who knows And 10 points for reading this Massively over done post. Well i have lots of cleaning to do and still some parts to pull/order.. but thought i would bring you guys back up to speed on what i have been doing. Like always feedback Good or bad welcome. :cheers:
  6. If anyone knows how i can take over this thread since i own the MJ now Pleze PM me.. tryed to post a update 5 times now w/ no luck.
  7. Far enough but the MJ is in the process of being shipped ATM.. But Rock has been a amazingly awesome seller and sent me a few farewell pics. I will not have hands on her until around the 29th.. The days will not move fast enough! ;)
  8. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ij8S ... eg_2_5.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-gdYA ... eg_2_6.jpg
  9. Hello fellow MJ owners and lovers. I am the very lucky and proud owner of Rocks MJ. I will do my best to keep his project on a similar track as Rock had planed. After I Finnish up the interior. I will address the drive train. 4x4 I have axles already set up w/ 4.10 gears Dana 30/44 combo and Trutrac/Detroit NP231 w/ AA SYE and a big chain kit. all on hand just need to clean them up. i have a few BA 10's but i am going to be hunting a NSG 370 for this project.And hope i can drop the faulty clutch control system that has brought me nothing but headaches over the years The main goal of this project is going to be a Tow rig/ trail head. So tools and spare parts on board. So no crazy lifts. or RTI scores. But never felt right towing my TJ to a trail using a Ford. lol But just thought i would drop a line to all of you who have been following Rocks work. And i will do my best to update this as much as i can.
  10. JeepJohn


    Hello I am from Marion Illinois. My trail stopping grounds are Shawness National Forest local to me and The Land Between The Lakes Turkey Bay in Ky.
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