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eugene jeep

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well boys and girls, we did it. after looking around for a 4wd comanche, i found one in a junk yard, it ran but the body was rusted out and the owner had died or something, so.... we went looking again. found a nice 2wd mj here in nevada and two weeks later: it's up and running as a 4wd. i have built a number of hot rods over the years and a few chopped harleys, and this project was the easiest yet. total labor time involved in the 2wd to 4wd swap: about 8 hours. two of us worked on it and it's on the road. now a trip to utah (one of my friends has a wrecked 86 mj that has a 4in lift and he said just come and get it!!!) once i get that lift installed, it will be bigger tires, lower gears and etc. etc........


and as for the name: i was looking on ebay for some decals for my dodge pick up and i came across these decals for "eugene jeep" for those of you who don't know, "jeeps" were critters that inhabited an island that popeye and olive oil visited....... i mentioned this to my wife and "eugene jeep" was born. and yes: my mj is black, with orange "eugene jeeps" on it. :cheers:

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