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AW4 TV cable..

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I need to hook one up to my throttle assembly... Lacking an automatic XJ to look at and understand the intended operation of the cable, I'm wondering if anybody can describe it to me? I'm assuming that as the throttle cable is pulled (throttle opened) the TV cable should be pulled too. Now is that an equal ratio? Or is it rigged at a different ratio to the throttle? Is there anything else about the operation that I need to know? I'm assuming you should set it up as slack (barely) at throttle closed? Think I know what I'm doing? Because I don't.


I'm going to start reading my FSM (if I can find it) to see if it answer my questions too.



For those who forget/don't know, I run propane and do NOT have a throttle body like you'd typically see. It's actually a 4bbl setup off the typical holley 650cfm carb.




Also, anyone run a AWshifting setup? What are you using for a switch? I was just going to use a momentary rocker, but I can see that going downhill. I might need something taller and more stick like, but I am undecided.

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I don't know how different they are but I put a new TV cable on my 350turbo. On the throttle end you hook it up snug but not tight and then push the throttle to WO by hand and it should adjust itself. But that is a chevy motor and trans. To my knowledge there is no big difference in the way these parts work. BTW how do you like the propane? I was considering a conversion kit for my rig.

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I like the propane, but it does not drive like the EFI does. My throttle bushings are wack (leaking), which is at least part of the problem. I have a new throttle plate on order to fix it. Otherwise I'm happy with it. It does what I expected.



I don't know much about the self adjusters on these things, my cable doesn't have one. I think it was cut off when the tranny was pulled. I will have to get another one. I think I'll also look at the bracket design and try to figure out the pull ratio...

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