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Odd Light Issue

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Just curious if anyone has seen this before. I had the familiar dash indicator on with headlights on the right side of my truck, which i tracked down to the RF signal. When I removed the bulb, the dust that used to be the ground tab came out with it. Anyway, I decided to fix the left side too since the lens was busted out and the bulb glass was broken off when I got the truck. So I put a new bulb in and I noticed that the lights are backwards. Meaning that the turn signal is the dim part of the bulb and the parking lights are the bright side of the bulb. I've double checked and the bulb only goes in one way, so I'm sure I've put it in the socket properly. I'm kind of stumped since I see no signs of the socket being replaced, or any cuts/breaks in the wires.

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Oh the decision that have been made over time. Ever wonder why there are so many spark plugs? They do the same thing. Many flavors of oil filters. It should just be a volume/flow thing. Then there is light bulbs. The old standard two filament bayonet bulb. Not only will we polarize the bayonet so that it only goes in one way, we make them either with the bright one on this side or this side. All the designer had to do was switch the wires. Just had to be different. What are the numbers again a 1076 or a 2076? somebody probably used the wrong bulb.

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