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Ok Not much to look at as far as lift and all the stuff goes but I finally got my paint job done. Ever since I bought the truck it thought it looked like a military truck so Drab green it was. The other paint job was getting really bad and I was starting to beat up the existing paint from sticks and stuff when wheeling. When I first got it, it was nice but it began to get bad fast so I did the bodywork and painted it using 10 cans of Krylon paint. Turned out nice. Honestly I don't like to paint a vehical with paint cans being in autobody but it is just a daily beater that will eventually get lifted to become even more trail ready.


Anyway when I first got it,




To now,



I took off the front air dam thing and trimmed the fender flairs too. Next is when I get my job is to save up for a 4-6" lift so i and run some 33's

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