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4th of July weekend at River Rock in GA

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We are planning a trip to River Rock on the weekend of the 4th. It is in Milledgeville, GA. This will be an exclusive ride, you have to tell me if you want in... you cannot just show up. July 4-6


It will mostly be 33-37" tire stock-ish rigs but bring whatever you want. Stock vehicles and first timers are encouraged to join us.


There will be free camp sites available with a bathhouse


It will cost $50 for the weekend for each rig and driver and $10 for each passenger

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i'll let my brother know, we might be able to make it
Are you guys bringing MJ's if you make it? Just let me know when you know you are going and I'll add you to the list.


Smartazz come on and camp and go on winch/spotter duty. Take pictures for us, tell jokes.... there will be something for ya to do :D There will be open seats available also.


It may not even be 2 hours from Atlanta depending on where you are coming from.

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Ya we come from the northwest side, acworth, kennesaw, marietta and it takes 2-2.5 hours. Ill see if I can make it.


Ill be at Morris Mountain this weekend if anybody is heading there.. Its a big event with lots of sponsors/coverage. Competitions and everything. Should be fun.



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Do you like FREE stuff?


So far we are having stickers given from ....

Blue Torch FabWorks,Inc.


A sticker and license plate from

FilthyDirty JeepGirl


Some stickers and stuff from

4x4 oil



There will be giveaways at the ride!


Lance from www.Pirate4x4.com is giving us Pirate4x4 stickers and Red Star memberships to raffle off! I don't know all of the details yet, someone else is working on this stuff for us.


There is also a rumor of a parts giveaway/raffle from a local parts vendor!

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CRAWL magazine contacted me, they want me to hand out FREE copies of their rag and stickers. Of course I said yes!


We have a pretty large group going of all skill levels, come on and go. There'll be a place for everyone to fit in.

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