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2.5 wont start

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I tried to get my comanche running yesterday after sitting all winter and it only cranks. last fall when i parked it it was idling really rough i figured it was bad plugs. so i stuck a new plug on one of the wires and checked for spark and nothing! so I'm thinking its probably a CPS or coil is there any way to test them with a meter and tell which one it might be?

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This will run you thru the CPS test, near the bottom of the page -


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Eng ... ostics.htm


Ignition coil - Check primary and secondary resistance with ohmmeter. The primary resistance should be 0.4 to 0.8 ohms maximum. Secondary resistance should be 2500 to 4000 ohms maximum.


ICM- Check voltage between terminals A and B using voltmeter. With ignition ON and starter engaged (cranking) voltage should be minimum of 9.5 volts. If voltage is low, check continuity of ICM and ECU ground wires.


But, if you parked this all winter.......try the WD-40 trick with the distributor cap, or replace the cap and wires.

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One other factor -- does your '89 have the C101 connector on the firewall or not? The early Renix XJs and MJs had a problem with the signal from the CPS having to travel through too much harness and too many conenctors, so you could have a situation where the CPS tested good at the first connector, but there wouldn't be a usable signal by the time it got to the ECU. The factory released a fix, which consists of a new CPS packaged with a bypass harness that runs straight through the firewall and directly to the ECU, bypassing all other harness and other connectors.


If the other tests (coil and ICM) don't show a problem, I would seriously consider installing the CPS bypass harness.

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