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Looks good, but not intended to be a one man job


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I spent over 6 ours today sanding, priming, painting and installing a new front bumper and painting the rear to match. The front install is a real PITA to do alone. I am completely exhausted, but it was worth it :D .




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I do like the front! But I am supprised at how well your rear bumper turned out! Looks awesome!


Is that just spray paint?

Yes, it is Duplicolor rattle can. I took the time to remove everything from the bumper, sand it down, rub it down good with a generous amount of paint thinner and then sprayed it and reassembled.



that looks really, really good!


who makes that front bumper?


The bumper is made by Proto-Fab 4X4. I got it from JeepersDen.

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