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2 to 4 swap and manual to auto

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gonna be swapping in my aw4 in place of the pukegoat......ive seen some threads on the elactronic controllers. the advantage i see is you can choose each gear rather than having 1st and snd combined. any other advantages?


will my mj have the tranny controller wires already in the harness or will i need to run them? ive got the whole jeep so i can get any parts i need. just havent started looking at it yet and thought i would get an idea of what I'm up against before i do.


thanks fellas

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will my mj have the tranny controller wires already in the harness or will i need to run them?


There are no wires for the transmission cooler. There are lines that connect to the radiator.




He said controller not cooler.


Yes, the wiring for the controller should be there, under the dash. Try to get one for a Renix era AW4, I believe the Renix and Chrystler controllers are different.


But what he said about the radiator is true. You may have to swap in the radiator from an auto. I can't remember off the top of my head if there's blocked off connections on the bottom of the manual ones or not.

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I've just been through this with mine over the past couple weeks.


Things I changed:

Steering column (for auto shift. Floor shifter just needs the plate pulled for the auto and tcase handles)


Speedo (because it has the PRND321 gauge)


Trans mount (2wd BA 10/5 was different from 4wd AW4, including the bottom plate and exhaust bracket)


AW4 (2wd BA 10/5 is on my for sale pile)


Pilot bearing (mine was rusted in and took most of a day to shatter out)


Flexplate (flywheel on the for sale pile)


CPS (maybe not, but I wanted new since I was in there anyways)


TPS (auto trans controller style has 2 connectors)


Wiring harness for EFI (mine is from a '90 XJ) and computers for EFI and trans.


Driveshafts (went to 4x4 at the same time)


Cooling lines for the trans (already had a new auto rad since '03 and now I have new lines) and brackets to hold them from the junkyard.


95 ZJ booster and master (same as '93 to '97 XJ dual diaphragm for more brake power)


Maybe more (can't think of it)

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wow thanks man i appreciate the info.


this swap will be from my 89 wagoneer to my 88 comanche.


the wagoneer is complete so i have all the parts there at my disposal



once again thanks for the info. now just gotta drag my xj over to the house from the inlaws field about 5 miles away


hoping to get that done today so i can get rolling on all the drive train swap while I'm saving money to complete my stroker build.


xj has the hp 30 front and 44 rear with the aw4 and np231. its a cool rig but the comanche has a cool factor of x10 in my opinion

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