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Can Anyone help me

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I'm going to be installing a 3rd brake light in my cab For my Mj And i was wondering what wires Do i splice into and where? :bowdown:


From a previous post of mine:


I just finished installing one on the back of my camper shell. The wiring for the 3rd brake light is a bit trickey. Because the MJ uses two bulbs in the tail lights for the brake light, and these same bulbs also are for the turn signals, the third brake light will will flash in time to the turn signals when you have the brake pedal depressed (unless your rig has the trailer tow option, which is already wired for an aux brake light ).


There are two ways around this. One is to get your 3rd brake light feed directly off the brake pedal switch before the wire goes up in the column to the multi-function switch (preferred), or use a logic module, $5.00 from JC Whitney. The module takes inputs from the left and right side brake light and provides a single wire output to the 3rd brake light. Could probably do the same thing with a couple of diodes.

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