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4.5" lift $$$$


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Can I get a good 4.5" lift for less than a grand?




rough country.


rough prices are as follows


$130 for the front springs

$130 for the trackbar

$280 shipped for the adjustable control arms (this may be high)

$80 for the front shocks

$50 for the front brake lines (you can save this $$$ by just dropping your line mounts as far as possible)

$80 for swaybar disconnects, or build your own

$26 for a 1990-1995 dodge dakota rear brake line (much longer)

$20 for rear axle spring perches

$20 for new ubolts


$836 for everything. you could probably go with cheaper control arms, and used parts, and get the lift done for less than $450.


that's buying EVERYTHING and not making any of it yourself. 6.5" of lift cost me $400 bucks but i built almost everything but the trackbar and coil springs.

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