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AC Compressor Pulley Misaligned?

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Well it depends on the pulley. Hell someone could’ve bought a compressor for a 4.0L not knowing if there was a difference which between the two is marginal unless you get the sanden 708. I’d just get a new compressor and dryer and charge the system. If that’s your plan. But a AC delete pulley would be a 4.0L one but even then an AC delete is more just changing the brackets out to a alt only one. 

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27 minutes ago, MississippiComanche said:

what makes the Sanden 708 good for this?...and are there other replacement compressors you recommend. I would like to keep my AC but most important thing to me right now is getting that alignment straight for my belt. 

The sanden 708 is just a 7 piston version of the 508, 508 was standard with AC for a bit. I think the 708 was found only on the 4.0 though. But I think you have a compressor with a pulley for a 4.0L, can any 4.0L guys with AC confirm this?

I recommend trying to stick with sanden as they were the OEM supplier for AMC and Chrysler, if they’re available. I’ll provide some part numbers for you this evening so you can find the right compressor. 

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1 minute ago, MississippiComanche said:

That looks for the 4.0L. Has it not been converted yet? I’ll get part numbers for a dryer and expansion valve too for ya. 

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