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Just got my first 1986 MJ! Transmission issues. 3speed auto

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1986 Comanche, 2.8, auto trans 

Searched for an MJ for awhile finally found an 86, got her cheap. Fairly clean and solid, plan on putting it back in shape. I’ve had newer XJs and I’m not overly familiar with the 3speed auto. She loses reverse once it gets warmed up, I’m defiantly not a transmission guy. Just looking for general info? 
super glad to have saved this truck, and can’t wait to start this journey. 




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2 hours ago, Salvagedcircuit said:

Nice find! I believe the 86 had the 3 speed auto with the optional column shift indicator in front of the gauge cluster, just like yours above. The later years all had the 4 speed Aisin-Warner aw4 as the auto transmission.

I think it’s the A904, I got my eye on an 88 2.5 2WD, with a standard trans…one project at time😅.. believe I’ll try to find someone to rebuild this trans, make her mechanically sound, then strip her down fix any body issues, and put her back as original as possible. Thanks for the input, and I love this find.

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