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Brackets for 01 XJ Coil Rail on 0630 head


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Not sure where to put this so figure here is good as any… Maybe we need a spot to post help with non-MJ related Jeep issues? Just an idea…


So my rust to riches project is coming to a point where I knew I’d have to modify and do some fab.  I’ve got my engine out of my old rusty 99XJ into my shiny 01XJ.  I’ve moved the newer style exhaust set timing on the cam sensor even changed the timing chain and water pump since it’s out and easy.


I’m trying to decide how to mount the coil on plug assembly onto the 99 0630 style head.  I’m sticking with the 99 style.  First the one off my 01 is toast, second I already had it so it’s free 99, and third the 0630 is more durable than the later ones.


I’ve seen how some people on the NAXJA website have created brackets.  So I’m wondering if any of my peeps over here have done this and how they did it?  MJ owners are better at hodge podge for parts!  Also does anybody know in the scenario with the brackets does the bold holes need to be trimmed down?

Since it’s an older thread I haven't gotten a good answer with that on NAXJA other than buy a newer expensive coil system that has plug wires. :dry:B63662A6-A63E-4DAF-9A3A-1667D597615E.jpeg.e0e721752c41c5f35f6d47f3e72d36aa.jpegE66D4A71-1597-44B3-949B-A7BE6F847C1A.jpeg.f28c230736fad2d3723cb8810681cc96.jpeg

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