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 modifications to the aftermarket xj rear bumper from my parts truck. Its about 3" shorter and a whole lot more narrow. Its not gonna be perfect but definitely different. Plan on frenching license plate box in as well. Please don't pick on me too bad lol.





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I'm slow lol. I almost got it. Still not sure on weather to french in my tag cause it will hang lower than bumper. Other than that just gotta cap ends where it wraps around bed and paint it up. It was an xj bumper i put on a major diet. 



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This is basically what i started with. Truth is i probably should've just tried to sell it n buy 1 for my truck. Don't really have the cash for a $600 bumper right now. I own a welder so whatever a few cut off wheels cost a lil, gas, n wire. It's just fine for now.


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