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Looking for the right belts

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I found an engine schematic online but the belts are all marked as “discontinued” .. I went on autozones site and found the right belts.. I think. But does anyone have updated belt links I can get for my 2.8L v6? I think the following is what I need?

duralast 15515 which is my alternator to the air pump

duralast 15480 which is for my powersteering

duralast 15560 which would be for the a/c and alternator


I'm kinda stupid so I’m looking for the compressor belt which I’m assuming is the 15560? Sorry to probably be the most stupid person here lol.

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Just now, eaglescout526 said:

The three numbers I provided are the only numbers for the original belt. There isn’t any more updated numbers after that. You can always try other places and see what their system cross references with the numbers provided. 

True. Thanks a million. I’ll see what I can do with that info. Surprised how different they are from the ones I got from a different 2.8L V6 schematic. But hey… that’s why I’m stupid haha

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Well it shouldn’t be that different but at the same time it is a GM engine and they could be pulling from other GM models that may or may not have the same set up AMC ran with. But knowing AMC, they probably used the same exact parts GM used. 

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