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What carburetor

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Not sure yet, haven't taken it off, PO de-nutted all the emissions to including cutting what looks like a metal vacuum line coming from the front lower bottom of carb, it twist around, been pinched off 6" away, I mean literally side cutters pinch and bend lol.

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Rochester E2SE “Varajet” if my notes are correct.  As far as I know, the Weber 38 DGES is the only one that will drop right in for a replacement.  Or a rebuilt Rochester which would be a fools errand in my opinion.  In the past 11 months, I have seen one Edelbrock RPM or Torker manifold, this is not a two piece manifold, it is a one piece manifold for the 2.8.  They are rare…It was on eBay and it’s sold for almost $300. If you could chase down one of the Edelbrock manifolds and let’s say you already had a holly sitting around then that would be a viable path for replacement. But to buy the Edelbrock manifold and then buy a Holly, you would be into it alot of dollars.  The weber kit that I bought was around $500.  

Just for kicks, search the Weber 38 knock off on Amazon.




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ok, here's mine, not yet removed, previously owned by a Chevy dealer mechanic, he's to blame for all the hillbilly repairs, including the pinched vacuum line off the carb and blue painters tape covering another vacuum. The carb is a Rochester VaraJet II










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I have the same carb I believe, now retired to a storage cabinet.  The Jeep would barely idle when I bought it, but most of my problem was a rusty fuel tank clogging the lines and filters.  That little idle solenoid on the left side as you’re facing the carburetor was acting up on mine so I used a little bit of wire to hold arm up where it needed to be. After that it idled great. I’ve drove it no faster than 35 mph a couple times before I pulled the motor. That carburetor is a good study on how to make mixing gas and air, the most complex operation since launching the space shuttle.  Emission standards of that timeframe are to blame.  If it runs good don’t touch anything. And start saving up for a Weber.


Here is a video of mine idling with the original carburetor couple days before I pulled the motor.

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audio only no video, but no mind, my idle solenoid isn't even hooked up. I'm not driving mine yet, gotta sort a bunch of stuff out first, carb being one of them, wires cut and run everywhere, no washer pump, weak wipers, starter doesn't engage always without some grind, so new starter and battery, wires grounds, sort out electrical...after it warms up a bit lol. But I still love it!

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