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My 2001 XJ 60th Anniversary aka Gert

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Figured I would post this here as well as my MJ lingers in the void waiting to be restored (not starting the full resto on my MJ until it is warmer and actually light out).



I haven't been able to find many 60th anniversary editions but Gert is one of a kind. There is almost zero rust and where I live is pretty heavy handed with the winter salt. 


Got some potential plans for her future but she is at 201k miles right now, has some fresh leaf springs, shackles, fuel rail, injectors, spark plugs, coil rail, and a couple more things I am probably forgetting oh and approx. two inches of lift. 


Gert 1.jpg

Gert 2.jpg

Gert 3.jpg

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My parents had a a silver 60th XJ, like yours. The uniform color across everything just looks so good. Unfortunately, they had to get rid of it--I think it was either something with the head or electrolysis and the engine rusted inside out maybe? I can't remember. Wish I could find one, they're definitely rare.

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