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Drivers A-Pillar Keeps Popping Out!!!

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Hi all, I recently got my headliner/sun visors done and reinstalled. Looks awesome, except for the fact that my a pillar keeps popping out of place at the very top. There are two push clips/pins/screws(?) located on the back of the b-pillar and they are both in good shape. So its unlikely that their the issue. My dads been able to get it into place and it stays for about a minute, then bows back out. Has anybody had this issue before???



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Me and my dad figured it out, it was a combination of things:


1. Check that the headliner is not covering (even slightly) any holes that the push pins go into. If there is any, cut it out as it could possibly get caught between the edge of the hole and push pin preventing it from grabbing. I used a small exacto knife blade, worked really well.


2. Check that the weather stripping is really pushed in where the a pillar goes.


3. Make sure the sheet metal piece(s) that hold in the headliner are bent in as far as possible.


4. Replace the push pins if there are any signs of damage.


5. Loosen the two screws used to hold the a pillar in before pushing in the push pins as it will allow for the a pillar to move into its ideal position.


6. After getting the push pins back in place, continue to hold the a pillar in place while you tighten the two screws to assure the a pillar doesn't move when you let go.


If you have this issue, follow these steps and you should have success:beerbang:


If not, then I would assume your a pillar has bent out shape over time and may need to be replaced:dunno:

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