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Proportioning valves: abs v non-abs

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Moving forward with a booster upgrade and swapping to an XJ prop valve. The one I got with the booster only has 4 ports: 2 in and 2 out. The port in the back is plugged. 

Normally, the valve should have 5 ports: 2 in, 1 for RF, 1 for LF, and 1 for the rear. 

Since the abs controls each wheel it stands to reason it only needs 2 inputs: 1 front, 1 rear. 

Am I correct? Do I have the wrong valve?




I may have found my answer.



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The LSV was deleted years ago. 

I picked up two prop valves at the JY yesterday. One from an XJ with rear drums. The other was from a ZJ with disc ABS - only one line for front brakes. I watch a YouTube video on converting this to handle non-ABS. 

I will run one new line to the rear eliminating both old lines. 

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