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Fuel Tank Questions

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Just got a new Spectra fuel tank. It is coated on the outside with a slimmy"jell". Do I install it as is ? Multiple searches give

multiple answers. Since it is made of a Ni-Terne steel which is suppose to be equivalent to a galvanized finish some folks say it does not need anything further. Some folks say to remove all the jell and paint/undercoat it. Any suggestions/comments/advice would be appreciated.

From what I can gather there is suppose to be a shield ( not a skid plate ) under the tank which attaches to the straps.  Is this shield plastic or metal ? My truck does not have it. Is a replacement available ? Has anyone fabricated their own replacement ?


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My 90 Eliminator has a molded plastic shield that is held onto a few studs with nuts, however I'm am not sure if those studs are part of the tank or straps.  The molded plastic shield covers the front end of the tank and a lot of the bottom, it might even be 2 pieces.  

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