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Permutations & combinations (Transmissions)

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Change of plan. Rather than replace the clutch in the '88 4-cyl 4-speed 2WD MJ with a new clutch and then convert it to a 4WD, I've pretty much decide it's not worth the effort considering that the engine has 219,000 miles on it. I have an '87 XJ 4.0L 4WD auto with a little over 100,000 on the engine, so that seems like a more logical swap.


Except -- I would sort of like the truck to be a 5-speed. I have three 4.0L 5-speeds (a Peugeot and two AX-15s) that are all 2WD, and all fubar. I do NOT have a functional 4WD 5-speed for a 4.0L ... but I do have a functional AX-5.


1) Does anyone know for sure how weak/strong the AX-5 is compared to a Peugeot? This little truck will be just used on the street, and I am not a high-speed low-drag kind of driver any more. If the AX-5 is even close to as strong as a BA 10/5 I think it would hold up to my driving.


2) Has anyone put an AX-5 next to an AX-15 for comparison? I have plenty of 4.0L bell housings, if the AX-5 will bolt up to them. Does anyone know if this would work?

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