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2.5L Coolant Bottles and Intake Boot - $50 Each Shipped - WI

500 MJ

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Cleaning up my parts pile - I picked these 2.5L parts up over the last few years of junkyarding as I don’t often find them in this good of shape. These have been saved from the sun by hoods that were kept shut in the yards. These are all factory parts and they are ready to use. 


SOLD! Bottle 1 - shows OEM part numbers 8952002347-48. - SOLD! image.jpg.eff74b2807d39f18d7a26e9c8115a896.jpg



Bottle 2 - shows OEM part numbers 8952003227-13. 



Boot - shows part number 8953002876.



$50 EACH shipped to any CC member with domestic USPS Priority Mail OR Buy both remaining items for $90 shipped. 

Thanks for looking - happy to get more pics of anything if you want them. - Brent

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