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Avoid at all costs

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Breaking that little pipe that goest from the intake manifold into the exhaust manifold on a 4 banger. Not sure what years have them, mine was an 87 engine.


The little pipe is used to help warm up then engine a bit faster I think, but I am not too sure.


When you break it, it is a nasty exhaust leak. in order to remove you must pull off the power steering pump, and its a big pain.


Also, i had to retap the holes, which was the worst part because its very hard to get the tap in there.


All in all it was a 2 hour process, with a lot of swearing involved. But it did clean up my idle a bit, and it fixed my exhaust leak. Now I just need to get the stabilizer bars hooked back into the front axle and it should be good to go.

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nope. This is a steel pipe that goes from under my TBI unit into the exhaust manifold. It is very difficult to see, and I don't have my camera with me.


I also have that cloth pipe broken on mine as well. Not sure what I'm going to do abotu it just yet.

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Thanks for the quick info. I was hoping for the quick and easy. Looks like I will be giving my Comanche a good looking over the holiday weekend to make sure everything is connected.

But, whatever breaks on the Comanche can always be repaired. That's what I like about these trucks.

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I had already changed it out. I had an old exhaust manifold that still had a good (actually it looked almost brand new) one still attached, so I got luck there.


When we were prying on the motor mounts to get the engine to drop in, we must have been bumped against the pipe, and it snapped. It was unfortunate, but there is not much one can do about it.

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