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Steering nuckle spindle

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My bearings broke and sheered the steering nuckle spindle, to the point its snapped in half, i went to the local jeep dealer and the part i need was discontinued in 2002 lol, does anyone have any ideas where i could get it from?

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Junkyard or someone with an older 2WD beam axle (with spindles).  92+ XJ's/MJ's used a unit bearing with a stub shaft to replace the older spindle design.  You can swap one on to the inner C of an older axle, but you'll need to replace the brakes (rotor, caliper and pads) to a later model setup to match.  Then you end up with mis-matched brakes on the front end.....


I do have my old (87) 2WD axle still, but it's in a barn about 300 miles north of me at the moment.  For what it's worth, it'd be probably just as much work to swap a whole new 2WD axle under it, IMHO.

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