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Cooling system HELP.......

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Well I'm having a strange problem with the cooling system on my MJ....It seems to be running hotter than normal now all of a sudden...couple months ago it was running great, never overheated then the guage sender went bad...so i replaced it...now it runs at 210 all the time and creeps over that until i turn the fan on..used to run at about 195-200? Any help


it has an open cooling system conversion:

-new rad. cap

-new 3 core rad


-water pump

-195* thermostat


all done within the last year or so and has no leaks....ANY HELP???

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First off, the 4.0's like it hot.


In the summer with the fact gage and a 195stst, I to run close to 210 on the highway. I also have brandy new last summer, Rad, hoses, T-stat, W pump and Heater core. Now that its a bit cooler, I am running where I thought it would with the lower temp stat.


I am going out on a limb and saying I think you may be just fine...just chalk it up to the crappy, factory, inaccurate gages.



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