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Horn Problems

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I found my horn today, it was behind the bumper.. drivers side. There was a relay behind my drivers side kick panel, it was a three terminal relay and I think there is a horn fuse under the dash. The problem could also be in the steering column. Hope this helps!

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ok i have a slight number of problems with the horn and related things :roll: .


1)Where IS the horn :oops:

2)It don't work :mad:

3)and if a fuse is missing where is it? (the fuse)


1) Locate the horn and unplug the single horn wire.

2) Run a temp hot wire from the battery and touch it to the horn terminal.

3) If it blows, pull the steering wheel center cap and check horn switch. When you press the horn button you apply a ground to the horn relay through horn slip ring under the 3-screw pressure plate.

4) If the switch is okay, change the horn relay.

4) If none of the above works, you have an open in the horn circuit.

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