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Guys I apologize that the website and forum have been down the last few days. For reason's I can not go into at this time, I had to shut the website and forum down from being accessed.


I am glad to say, that I have both the forum and website back up as of 5:00PM on Friday the 9th. I have also made it up to you guys with a brand new look on our website with several added features. It's not 100% done yet, but should be in the next few days.


Unfortantly I am unable (allowed) to at this time discuss the reason's about the website being down. However I hope to have all the issues in the process of being resolved and hope to have no further issues. If for some reason the issue happens again I will again have to shut it down again temporarily.


Many of you who are aware of the issues please do not disclose them at this time with others until all legal issues are resolved. We are in the process as we speak to resolve them in the fastest matter.


I would advise anyone who is a member of the GLXJ forum to PLEASE change your password ASAP on our forum as well as any other jeep related forum you are associated with. If you need help doing this on our forum please email me.


Thank you for your support in this matter.


Adam Hanson

GLXJ President

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