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Has anyone bought parts from EXT Offroad?

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So I finally found a parts site that appears to have the front exhaust pipe (from manifold to cat) I need for my ‘86 2.5. I found it on extoffroad.com. I’m reaching out to see if any of you had bought parts from them or know anything about them. Just want to see if they’re legit. I ask this because I’ve looked at tons of other sites and no one else has this pipe in stock. Also, and this may not mean anything, but all the other sites had it priced from ~$75-125 and EXT has it in stock for $55. Thanks for any input.

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the big question is, do they actually have one or is that something you find out  as you try to buy and then it says out of stock.  :dunno:


any muffler shop can fab up what you need. :L: 

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