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Wiring Question (ever popular topic)


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I had an idea for using the CAD on my D30 to control 2WD Low, 4 Hi, and 4 Low. It came to me after finding some vacuum solenoids in the junkyard. If I wire a switch in the cab, and use two solenoids connected to the vacuum actuator on the CAD, then I should be able to control when the fork moves independent of transfercase position, allowing 2WD Low if I want it or 4WD Hi/Low as needed. All the tubing coming from the transfercase has already been eliminated, so no confusion there.


The problem, and I should admit I am not the brightest lightbulb when it comes to wiring (mostly because I can't get power to the bulb correctly!), is how to wire the switch and solenoids. Ideally, when the switch in the cab is off, one solenoid should be powered allowing vacuum to the side of the actuator that keeps the fork disengaged. Then when the switch is flipped on, the first solenoid should shut off and the second should be powered so it supplies vacuum to the side of the actuator that pulls the fork over and locks the two half shafts. What is the easiest (simplest!) way to do it? Can it be done without using relays? I'd like to limit what all goes into it so when it goes wrong the troubleshooting is easier.


Thanks yall.

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