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Comancheon33 Rebuild to return to the trails

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After I messed up the right side of MJ on Memorial Day weekend I kinda got fed up with my MJ. Plus it had an issue with cutting out, a gas tank leak and running a touch to warm for me. Rockhound seen the seen the damage it was bad. Anyways I finally got the time to pull it out and start the repairs. It has been a busy summer taking care of all loose ends from my Dads passing in Feburary. Not mention work and the house and on and on. Anyways here's where I stand now.



What really got got a fire under me is a long time friend of mine called from Colorado. He is also a comanche fan. He had a box and gas tank from a comanche he needed to move and his parents were in town. They live about 20 minutes from me. Make a long story short I now have a spotless comanche shortbox and matching tank in my shop.



Deal is this box is way to nice for my needs so I think I am going sell it and use another one I have on an 88 sportruck I have had laying around for awhile. It would a shame for this box to go on trail rig. Check the for sale forums for its listing in a few days.


Here is the list of stuff I gotta do in the next few months.

-Repair cab corner

-Swap a box back on, swap front fenders and nose

-Cut out rusted up rockers and replace with 2x4 or 2x6 box steel

-Paint it all

-Fix rear shock mounts

-New radiator

-Install my updated Rockkrawler steering parts. Bracket on right knuckle cracked up. I love having warranty.


I know I havent been around in awhile glad to see this site is still growing. Plus all of the project MJs out there. See ya around and watch for updates.

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damn man you have been busy so were is the 4 link rear and coils :popcorn:


So your to good to come down here and play with us. I am not trying to hijack your thread just glad your back around thats all. Here is a pic from our Toy 4 Tot run.


Ahhhhh warm fussy feeling................not. Looks good guy. jamminz.gif


That is one sick looking crew you got there man nice


and always happy :wrench:

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I finally got my box placed on this week. Going hack the cab corner of my 86 parts ride this weekend and get ready to drop off at the body shop later this week. I will show pics of a clean long box getting hacked to save my big eliminator. Plus show off how much better it looks straighter with the new box.

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Finally got some work this weekend to it. Replaced the front fenders, bolted down the box and got all the tailight bulbs going again. Still having gas gauge issues and I beleive that lays in the gauge. Just need to get my front nose back on it will start looking like a jeep again. This afternoon pulled my 86 parts ride in and got the right cab corner cut off. Hopefully I will be dropping it off at the body shop Wednesday or Thursday. After that I am gonna get the rockers cutout and rock rails will be getting welded in.


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