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Good day all, this is my current build that I am about a year into. It started life as an 89 4.0, BA10/5, Np231, dana 30/35. I bought it from a kid up in Oregon back in March of 2018. 


Currently I am swapping finishing up an LS swap, and getting ready to rebuild a dana 44/60 combo for it. I will do my best to post in chronological order and answer any questions that may arise. 20181110_153155.jpg.af3c1ba90024aab8dc08df3cdccf8ccd.jpg

 This was almost right before the build bystarted. Sitting on 32s with a busted ring and Pinion in the dana 35 from some fun in the snow back in January 2019.



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As you can see your basic Renix 4.0. Next came the donor truck a 2003 Silverado that had been wrecked for $1000.




Next I pulled the drive terrain in one fell swoop. I uset an ATV to pull the truck back since I was working in dirt. 


Here is the engine trans and tranfercse put in. I used novac mounts and headers. 


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yeah, there is definitely a limit on how fast you can upload and it seems to choke on huge files.  But rest assured that they are all automatically shrunken and saved, just sometimes you need to do just one at a time. :L: 


truck looks goooooood though :D 

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